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Chester Doran hello at
Wed Mar 27 23:50:08 CET 2019

Hello, I'm Chester Doran. I've been working my way through the Xfce Wiki,
revising articles, correcting grammatical errors, and removing (a lot) of
dead links. Looking around the Xfce documentation, it could do with the
same treatment, as there are a lot of typos, 404'ed links, and pages that
could just do with a good revising and updating.

I'd love to be of assistance in that area. The documentation instructs me
to post here requesting access to it if I want to submit edits.

Thanks a lot.
Also, for someone with control over the Xfce website: I spent a while
updating the FAQ on the Wiki only to realise it's unused! The FAQ now lives
in the documentation section. The old Wiki version appears as the first
result in Google when searching "Xfce FAQ", with the one that's actually up
to date and in use coming below it. Could you perhaps add the old FAQ page
to your robots.txt file to stop Google from indexing it? Would be of
benefit to both users and maintainers of the Wiki and Documentation.
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