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Fabian Nowak timystery at arcor.de
Sat Mar 9 22:11:02 CET 2019

Am Samstag, den 09.03.2019, 15:06 +0000 schrieb Chester:
> Hi! As I'm sure you've come across before, there is an alarming
> amount of people who think Xfce is old fashioned / dead / ugly /
> looks like it belongs in the 1990s. As such a huge fan of Xfce, it
> saddens me to see these sorts of comments pop up from time to time.
> Do you think Xfce would benefit from a little logo TLC? As one of the
> principles of Xfce is don't just change thing for change's sake, here
> are some reasons why it may be actually quite needed, as well as some
> downsides: 
> Ups:
> As mentioned, it would "update" Xfce a little bit, get rid of some of
> the claims that it's old fashioned
> Xfce's current logo is uppercase, whereas the official name is "Xfce"
> not "XFCE", creating confusion that it stands for something
> Xfce's primary goal is simplicity, and the current logo doesn't
> reflect that with it's gradients, shadows, and asymmetrical typeface
> (just look at that C!)
> It would unify Xfce's branding a little bit, for instance favicons
> seem to use a completely different logo than anywhere else, so does
> Xfce's default application menu icon
> Downs:
> Finding the time, people, and motivation to update the logo, I mean,
> nobody wants to slow down Xfce's development any further
> Nostalgia! Who doesn't love the quirky logo we have at the minute?
> It's iconic!
> I took a quick 5 minutes and created a few very rough ideas of the
> direction it could go in, again, these are very rough and just from
> the top of my head.
> Thanks for your time, your hard work, and I look forward to hearing
> your thoughts on the idea!


looking at

- https://git.xfce.org/: there is no artwork. I think you are a good
starting point for providing artwork via the git repository to all
users and developers

- the old xfce logo package: it doesn't even have a license. Please
don't forget providing an open source license with your work

- the web site: it employs self-derived artworks, not available

Your works are IMHO
- clean,
- interesting,
- modern and
- together fit their style more than the old artworks; i.e., logos
"circle" and "square" could be provided altogether for different

I don't like the font too much, though, but this might differ from user
to user?

It would be very great for the entire community of both users and
developers to have an official "artwork" folder with icons, logos,
symbols, whatever in high quality AND low-solution PNGs. 

As you partially already mentioned, it could be used for:
- wallpapers
- login/startup images
- icon themes
- buttons on whisker and Xfce menu
- web site logog
- web site content

So please, give this guy access to the repository and let him work and
then also use his works! With versioning, it is even possible to review
the current state from time to time and to provide futher feedback to
Chester and to have a real "development" where changes are trackable.



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