Apply for a wiki account

Zephyr Waitzman i at
Sat Jan 12 19:52:36 CET 2019

Hi, I love xfce4 for its adherence to standards and I use xfce4 for
several months. These days, I start using many components of xfce
built from git repo.
I'm glad to summarize and write some information about current
packages' status in the wiki when I learn and use the software, so I
follow the guide [1] and apply for a account.
Maybe, someday I will also be a developer :)
BTW, if the wiki could be CC-BY-SA, it will be better in my opinion
because it is more free [2]. Of course, if you don't want to change it
for any reason, I won't oppose it.


GNU powered it...
GPL protect it...
GOD blessing it...


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