How to register client at xfce session

Stephan Haller nomad at
Fri Feb 8 12:12:31 CET 2019


I hope I understood your question right. I preferred to use XfceSMClient 
from libxfce4ui library to register my application as client session 
management. I don't know if the API documentation is online available 
but you should find all needed information in source code, e.g. in git:

Maybe it helps.


Am 08.02.2019 11:36, schrieb Wojciech S. Czarnecki:
> On Thu, 07 Feb 2019 12:04:38 +0100
> Silvio Knizek <killermoehre at> wrote:
>> xfce4-session-manager just implements a generic session manager
>> (like xfwm4 implements a generic window manager).
> Thank you for the prompt reply.
> Should I assume then that coding to the X11R7 (.7) spec is the right 
> way?
> [1]
>> BR
> TC

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