Requesting account for contributing to wiki

EMH_Mark_I EMH_Mark_I at
Fri Aug 16 07:40:09 CEST 2019

Hi everyone,

With the 4.14 update and the porting to GTK3, I would like to jump in with updating some of the documentation seen in and possibly more.

I've noted from a previous subject in the mailing list that documentation for the 4.12 core components has been branched so I presume that all updates from now on will be applied to the master branch.

I've also read over the syntax notes seen here:

I would like to know if changes applied are submitted via git or some version control system external of the site or not? I would also like to know if there are any additional tools or requirements for updating the wiki.

A short introduction:

Hello, I'm Aidan. I typically go by EMH_Mark_I elsewhere. In the past few years I've recently worked in theme development as a past time as well as assisting other theme developers.

Aidan N.

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