Draft of Xfce4 Screensaver ready

Jerry Bond stormyjerry at gmail.com
Sun Aug 4 13:19:23 CEST 2019

Hi Devs --

Following up on my earlier promise, I have completed a draft revision of
the Help document that introduces a "*Use*" section.
1) My goal in is to facilitate getting a user-oriented Help file in place
by the release of Xfce 4.14, if possible, or at least of MX-19.
2) I am not sure that I have understood every entry on the Locker tab, so
that needs particular review.
3) It is currently in *.odt format. I have attached the document, though am
not sure it will go through.

Here is the text below the image of the first tab to give you an idea of
its approach:


   *Enable Screensaver *

      This is the master switch for the screensaver. Note that the
      screensaver will not actually run unless activation has been
enabled at the
      bottom of the tab.


      The middle box consists of two parts: a list panel on the left and a
      small preview screen.

      The list panel displays available themes (also called
      “screensavers”). At the bottom of the list panel there is a small
      configuration button that can be clicked to change available
theme traits.

      A full-screen preview can be seen by clicking the Preview button at
      the bottom of the tab.

      Only a small number of themes are available by default. But Xfce
      Screensaver uses Xscreensaver
      screensavers, and collections of such screensavers (xscreensaver-data,
      xscreensaver-gl, etc.) can usually be installed separately from the main
      Xscreensaver package.

      For troubleshooting information about themes, consult the FAQs.


   *Activate **screensaver*

      Click the slider to activate the screensaver when the computer is

      Use the counter below the slider to set the time interval after the
      last screen activity before the computer is considered “idle.”

If this is something that will be useful, please let me know how to get the
document to you if the attachment is scrubbed.

Project Manager, MX Linux
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