Thunar crashed when deleting file from terminal

Jakub Jankiewicz jcubic at
Fri Jan 19 19:35:06 CET 2018


So I've found a bug in Thunar, I've did this 3 times and in each cases the
Thunar crashed.

I have directory open with files for my resume:
$ ls
 8864753032_e9788b8417_o.jpg   jakub-jankiewicz-cv-page1.pdf
 cv2.pdf                       jakub-jankiewicz-cv-page2.pdf
 cv2.svg                       jakub-jankiewicz-cv-page2.svg
 cv3.svg                       Jakub_Jankiewicz_CV.pdf
 cv4.svg                       jakub-jankiewicz-cv-resume-design-eng.png
 cv5_eng.svg                   jakub_jankiewicz_cv_resume_design.pdf
 cv5.svg                      '~~jakub-jankiewicz-cv-resume-design.png'
 cv.abw                        jakub-jankiewicz-cv-resume-design.png
 CV-goldenline.pdf             jakub_jankiewicz_cv_resume_design.svg
 cv.pdf                        jakub-jankiewicz-cv.svg
 CV_proste.svg                 jakub-jankiewicz.pdf
 cv_resume.svg                 List_Motywacyjny.pdf
 cv.svg                        List_Motywacyjny.svg
 cv.txt                        logo.svg
 Jakub_Jankiewicz_CV.doc       zdjecie.jpg

In inkscape I had open jakub-jankiewicz-cv-page2.svg file and I've saved as
new file picking pdf (it needed to be overwritten)
jakub-jankiewicz-cv-page2.pdf and in terminal I've executed:

$ rm jakub-jankiewicz-cv.pdf
$ pdfmerge jakub-jankiewicz-cv-page{1,2}.pdf jakub-jankiewicz-cv.pdf

to generate new pdf with two pages, when I've called `rm` the Thunar crashed.
(the file was different then the saved in Inkscape).

This may be related to the issue reported in launchpad for Ubuntu that
directory view does not get updated when saving files

I wanted to report this in bug tracker but I've coudn't find the one for XFce
and I will not report to lanuchpad because I don't use Ubuntu/Xubuntu anymore
(I've switched to Fedora).

the output of `dmesg` show this:

[1057816.448009] Thunar[9413]: segfault at 48 ip 0000560af95b7540 sp
00007fffe38b8b18 error 4 in thunar[560af957e000+b5000] [1057973.358543]
Thunar[2772]: segfault at 48 ip 000055d26bdd0540 sp 00007ffda7cbd9a8 error 4
in thunar[55d26bd97000+b5000] [1058217.083488] Thunar[2974]: segfault at
1300002800 ip 00007fb39576f927 sp 00007ffd8d407c58 error 4 in[7fb39573b000+51000]

Jakub Jankiewicz, Web Developer

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