Hello All

Jayson Williams williams.jayson at gmail.com
Sat Jan 13 16:11:08 CET 2018

Hello Everyone,

I am a returning XFCE user from several years ago.  I've used KDE for 
years, but I've wanted something a bit more straight forward and 
remembered the feel of XFCE when I first transitioned to Linux almost 10 
years ago.  Awesome to see the updates that have been made since then.  
Great job to all!  The only minor hurdle I encountered was the XFCE4 
wiki.  I was looking for window shortcuts, but the information on the 
wiki was totally incorrect. To the pages credit, it does mention that 
the information their needs to be brought current with the most recent 
version. Keybindings are usually the first thing I look for.  They help 
me to keep general navigation and window management as efficient as 
possible.  Not finding them, or getting inaccurate information on the 
very first search was a bit disconcerting.  If possible I would like to 
help updates some of that information when time allows.


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