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Tue Dec 4 11:48:19 CET 2018

Dear Xfce team members,

First, many thanks for Xfce. I have been using it for many years (I do  
not even remember, 12-15 years ?) You'll find attached a small patch  
that gives some additional flexibility when handling icons with  

Actually - very long ago - my wife had a Mac and was used having new  
files / new directories / new devices being shown on the right edge of  
the screen, as she likes having a dock on the left side. This may  
"conflict" with icons appearing very close to the dock, on the top  
left corner of the screen. Unless I am mistaken, with the current  
xfdesktop-4.13.2 version, icons appear from top to bottom and from  
left to right (in this order of precedence), and there is no way to  
change the default behaviour - of course, one can always drag icons  
with the mouse to assign their position elsewhere on the desktop, but  
I believe this should part of the configuration options. The enclosed  
very small patch allows this : it adds a new "gravity" parameter to be  
managed by xfconf, namely an int in the range 0..7 that changes the  
default behaviour of icon placement. The gravity parameter corresponds  
to three boolean flags, with the followind predefined values
#define GRAVITY_TO_LEFT    2
#define GRAVITY_UPWARDS    4
(thus, one gets 8 different modes in total). At least, one can use  
xfce4-settings-editor to adjust the options (but you might want to let  
the options appear as well in the GUI, xfce4-settings-manager >  
Desktop > Icons )

The patch is for xfdesktop-4.13.2, I guess it would essentially work  
also with the older xfdesktop2.12.4.

Jean-Pierre Demailly

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