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El 24-10-2017 12:02 AM, "André Miranda" <andre42m at> escribió:

I would like to announce that the *experimental* work on Thunar Extension
Framework (thunarx) has been completed [1].
As previously explained, besides updating to gtk3, I wanted to clean the
API from deprecated widgets (GtkAction).
This is the last Request For Comments before I push to master.

New abstraction class:
obs1: based on Nemo and Nautilus extension libs, not sure if its name make
much sense, specially from ThunarxRenamers
obs2: maybe ThunarxAction would make more sense, maybe not, but of course
the "breakage" would be smaller.

Provider interfaces affected:
- ThunarxMenuProvider — The interface to extensions that provide additional
menu items
- ThunarxPreferencesProvider — The interface to extensions that provide
- ThunarxRenamerProvider — The interface to extensions that provide
additional bulk renamers

Methods changed:
- thunarx_menu_provider_get_file_actions -> thunarx_menu_provider_get_file
- thunarx_menu_provider_get_folder_actions -> thunarx_menu_provider_get_fold
- thunarx_menu_provider_get_dnd_actions -> thunarx_menu_provider_get_dnd_
- thunarx_preferences_provider_get_actions -> thunarx_preferences_provider_g
- thunarx_renamer_get_actions -> thunarx_renamer_get_menu_items

Plugins/components TODO list (marked items are updated):
[X] thunar-advanced-properties ("apr", bundled with thunar)
[X] thunar-simple-builtin-renamers ("sbr", bundled with thunar)
[X] thunar-sendto-email (bundled with thunar)
[X] thunar-trash-panel-applet ("tpa, bundled with thunar)
[X] thunar-user-customizable-actions ("uca", bundled with thunar)
[X] thunar-wallpaper-plugin (bundled with thunar)
[ ] thunar-actions-plugin
[X] thunar-archive-plugin (WIP available in [2])
[ ] thunar-media-tags-plugin
[ ] thunar-shares-plugin
[ ] thunar-vcs-plugin
[ ] xfdesktop
[ ] anything else depends on thunarx?

Thunarx-python (or was python-thunarx) which is the base for Dropbox-thunar
plugin rabbitcvs-thunar plugin, Nilfs-thunar plugin, InSync-thunar plugin.

I think that the only one last.

An option is to provide what this plugin do in thunar itself binding for
python to thunar or the "same" kinds of tools

What I ask:
- review the API changes and how things were renamed
- review how ThunarxMenuItem are internally translated into GtkAction
- test!

1 -
2 -

Andre Miranda
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