Request: A beginner's guide to dive into xfce development

Igor Zakharov f2404 at
Wed Nov 1 15:34:13 CET 2017

> Hi there,
> it would be helpful to have a Wiki document that will guide a
> semi-interested beginning developer to dive into contributing.
> I did read these
> But right now, I'm at a loss at where to start. XFCE is a big code base
> and it's unclear which parts need work.
> There's status information on the roadmap, but some entries there have a
> percentage > 0 yet haven't been worked on in a while, so apparently work
> on them has stalled.
> The roadmap states that the current focus is on the GTK transition, yet
> the Wiki suggests that a beginning developer should try to fix easy bugs
> instead.
> So it's difficult to find a good entry to contributing. It's unclear
> which branch to work on, where to fix bugs, the proper way to contribute
> patches or how to choose a subproject that needs work and e.g. what are
> the common steps of GTK transition work.

Hi Hanno,

I think it would be a good idea to join the #xfce-dev IRC channel on freenode. Many devs are hanging up there and may give a good hint or advice on where to start.


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