how to tell thunar never to increase space between icons?

Bruno Dantas xfce at
Tue Mar 14 12:25:49 CET 2017

This is a cosmetic issue but it's driving me bonkers.

I only use Thunar with the option to "View as Icons". I'd like the spacing between icons in Thunar to be constant, but Thunar insists on increasing the spacing between icons when long filenames are detected (e.g., when I press Control+H in my home folder and hidden files with long names show up).

A user perplexed by this same issue documented it here, with screenshots:

If I put something like this in my ~/.gtkrc-2.0 to increase the baseline/initial distance between icons...

style "thunar-spaced-out-icons"
  ThunarIconView::column-spacing = 70
  ThunarIconView::row-spacing = 70
class "ThunarIconView" style "thunar-spaced-out-icons"

...Thunar increases the distance between icons even more when long filenames are detected.

Is there a setting that tells Thunar NOT to change the distance between icons? If there is no such setting, I'd like to recompile Thunar to disable this behavior. I grepped the source code for "column-spacing" and didn't find an obvious culprit, so the offending function must change a variable of some other name. Please help.

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