About building and testing Xfce

R. Diez rdiezmail-xfce at yahoo.de
Sun Jan 29 12:14:33 CET 2017

Hi all:

I wanted to start experimenting with Xfce, so I took a look at this page:


The first thing I noticed is that those instructions are not in the 
Wiki, so I guess that not many people can update them.

The special build instructions for xfce4-dev-tools seem unnecessary, as 
this repository has an autogen.sh too, which works in the same way as 
all other repositories.

As a first step I wrote the following build script:


I am running Xfce at the moment, but I am building a newer version from 
Git into a separate directory. I want to test the just-built components, 
but I do not want to risk destroying my current desktop, so I do not 
want to permanently replace any of the system components. How do you 
develop Xfce yourselves without risking system breakage?

Thanks in advance,

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