AppStream issues with various XFCE applications

Richard Hughes hughsient at
Thu Jan 5 12:40:53 CET 2017

We've been looking at the AppStream extractor issues in Fedora, and
we've come across a few broken XFCE applications. Broken apps are not
visible in the Ubuntu, Fedora or OpenSUSE application installers. The
apps include:

* xfce4-power-manager
* xfpanel-switch

The full list, along with what failed is available here: --
you can restrict this list to XFCE apps by clicking the [x] button
next to the "XFCE" header.

If you want any suggestions or advice, I'm happy to help. Most of the
failures are pretty self explanatory, e.g. "No <summary> in AppData"
or "icon was too small 32x32" -- our guidelines are here:

As a reminder, you can validate AppData files using: appstream-util
validate-relax file.appdata.xml



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