Xfce4-dev Digest, Vol 158, Issue 7

Florian Weigelt weigelt.florian at gmx.net
Thu Feb 9 15:10:38 CET 2017

The best way to present commits for review is through a public git
repository, for example on Github. Knowledge how to use git is a
prerequisite for work on most oss projects, but it's easy to get into
the basics.

On 02/09/17 14:39, Francesco Pasa wrote:
> Hi,
> I totally agree that I need to start from something small. I have a
> little experience with gtk, but not much. I am used to look at other
> people's code, tough.
> I see in the list that one small app that I could start with is
> xfce4-screenshooter, which seems to have nobody in charge for the
> translation. It's a bit sad to see we do not have many people...
> For orientation I only need some infos like: how am I supposed to commit
> my changes and the like. I see there is a git repo, shoud I just clone
> it and commit or do I need some sort of account? Do you develop in a
> specific branch?
> Thanks a lot, best,
> Francesco

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