[Patch] Add xfce_image_menu_item_new to libxfce4ui

Florian Weigelt weigelt.florian at gmx.net
Mon Feb 6 18:19:14 CET 2017

Copying the files from gtk directly is possible, but overkill in my
opinion. I shortly thought of it, but it adds a lot of maintenance work,
too. I'd rather spend my time fixing the bugs in my provided function
than maintaining a defacto fork of GtkImageMenuItem (which uses the
deprecated stock items and gtkiconfactory). It makes nearly no
difference effort-wise for the programmer to use this function (maybe
changed to Andre's proposal) compared to the rebranded
gtk_image_menu_item_new_* from the copy. We don't use glade for the
(programatically created) menus I intended this function to be used for.
For the menu bars: Yes, glade does NOT support the menu syntax. But it
is still possible to manually write a .ui file with the menu syntax. As
for GMenu displaying the icon on the right: I never saw this happen.
Your points are all valid, but I think we can go with a less complex
solution here.

On 02/06/17 00:46, Matthew Brush wrote:
> Hi,
> Out of curiosity, have you considered just copying the code of
> gtkimagemenuitem.[ch] into libxfce4ui and changing the symbol name
> prefix? Assuming it's not too intertangled with other modules, it should
> be pretty easy and the licenses (and even coding conventions) are
> compatible.
> The main advantage here is not requiring much changes to applications
> using the gtk_ versions, and avoiding the bug shown by André and which
> happens in GMenu where the icon is pushed to the right instead of going
> where the checkbox/radiobutton goes for other item kinds. Additionally
> it could be added to the Glade catalog to allow applications to use
> Glade still, which is not supported by your function or GMenu (last time
> I checked).
> Regards,
> Matthew Brush

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