Article in German c't magazine that mentions the thin, window resizing border

Matthew Brush mbrush at
Mon Oct 31 15:14:01 CET 2016

On 2016-10-30 11:32 AM, Simon Steinbeiss wrote:
>> Do you suppose it's possible for Xfwm to do this? I might be willing to
>> make a patch if you figure it's possible.
>> Regards,
>> Matthew Brush
> As far as I understand it would be possible for Xfwm4, but only with
> compositing enabled. (Without there is no shadow area so it'd be
> impossible.)

I guess it doesn't have to be related to the shadow, just the mouse 
cursor getting close to the edge of the active window. This is how MacOS 
appears to do it. It has shadows but there doesn't seem to be any 
correlation with resizing, it seems to just switch to resizing when the 
cursor is within X pixels from the edges.

Matthew Brush

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