Article in German c't magazine that mentions the thin, window resizing border

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I consider this problem being blown a little bit out of proportion. Simply
use a different Xfwm4 theme by default if you want to. Or one of the
various different ways to resize windows [0].
Also note that this issue doesn't affect Gtk3 windows with client-side
decorations at all, as those use the compositor's shadow as additional
resize area.

And as far as my theme goes, I've provided the Greybird-a11y Xfwm4
theme[1] for more than a year for this use-case. (Yeah, it obviously
features 3px borders.)



On Sun, Oct 30, 2016 at 12:15 PM Jerry Bond <stormyjerry at> wrote:

> This problem was so often mentioned by our users, where we ship with
> greybird as default, that we are now about to release the Beta of MX-16
> with the default greybird-thick-grip, where the border is 3px.
> Have you considered adding instructions on how to make a few popular
> changes like that to the theme's opening commentary section?
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