Skip tasklist/pager window loses focus

adlo adloconwy at
Fri Feb 5 16:36:23 CET 2016

My program is written in GTK (2 and 3). I have tried calling gdk_window_focus () when the active workspace changes, by connecting to libwnck's active-workspace-changed signal. This usually works, but I think it results in a race condition. Does anyone know of a better approach?



> On 4 Feb 2016, at 21:23, adlo <adloconwy at> wrote:
> My program has a window that is skip tasklist, skip pager, and visible on all workspaces. When switching workspace (or when another window moves to the current workspace), a non-skip-tasklist window will steal the focus from my program's window.
> How can I prevent this from happening?
> Regards
> adlo

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