just a small correction for the website's main page

Rob McCathie rob at manjaro.org
Tue Sep 1 11:55:40 CEST 2015

...and i still think Manjaro should be mentioned in place of Zenwalk on 
the downloads page (currently the highest ranked distro on Distrowatch 
that ships Xfce as the flagship environment, not that Distrowatch's " 
Page Hit Ranking" is an accurate gauge of popularity or usage, but it's 
something)... i am of course completely bias, though i originally 
suggested this before i joined the Manjaro team. ;)


Rob McCathie
Manjaro Team

On 30/08/15 10:35, Mohammad Ghasemi wrote:
>  In the main page on xfce website it was better to say "It aims to be 
> fast and light on system resources" instead of "It aims to be fast and 
> low on system resources"
> being low on system resources is like being low on gas. being light 
> means being easygoing & nondemanding.
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