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I think libxfce4ui (end exo and all the others) should be Gtk3-only in the next release. Otherwise maintaining the code with all the #ifdef's is a pain in the a..
libxfce4ui 4.12 will still exist. Everybody who uses goodies or plugins that require the old versions can wait on 4.12 until those are ported, too. Don't forget: 4.14 won't add new features. So upgrading to 4.14 has only little advantages. Should there be any bugfixes I would say it is easier to backport them than to maintain a Gtk2+3 code base. And last but not least: The amount of goodies and plugins is not extremly big. Definitly a fait amount of work but doable. I already took a few looks into the goodies, mostly the ports are straightforward, but it can't be done until the libraries are ported, too.

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Il 29/10/15 22:34, Simon Steinbeiss ha scritto:
> Uhm, actually that library compiles against both Gtk2 and Gtk3 
> already, which is how apps like Parole can be Gtk3-only but still make 
> use of it.
> I think dropping Gtk2 support for the next release is a really bad 
> idea simply because not everything Xfce might be ported by then (the 
> goal is the the core).
> So yeah, tbh I think this library can stay as it is for 4.14. I think 
> there are bigger fish to fry, e.g. how to deal with all the 
> deprecations (stock items anyone?) in other libs.
Hello Simon,

I think we should drop GTK2 support.
libxfce4ui is a core component and Xfce 4.14 will be GTK3 only so I 
don't really see the need to have GTK2 support.
Also having a dep on GTK2 imho is more bloatness in os maintenance.

Obviously this is my opinion and I'd like to hear others' opinion to 
make a choice :)


PS: Simon please do not top quote :-P
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