Tumbler ported to GDBus

Harald Judt h.judt at gmx.at
Wed Oct 14 12:00:18 CEST 2015

Am 11.10.2015 um 09:27 schrieb Ali Abdallah:
> Dear all,
> This is to announce that tumbler has been ported to GDBus and it does
> not rely anymore on dbus-glib. In addition, I removed the low level dbus
> calls in favour of their glib equivalents. The gsf_msole_metadata_read
> function has been deprecated, so I replaced it with
> gsf_doc_meta_data_read_from_msole.
> You can find the code to test at my user repo:
> http://git.xfce.org/users/ali/tumbler/
> Cheers,
> Ali

I gave it a quick glance. So far, your port seems ok, except this one
possible issue I've spotted:

I assume the following missing closing parenthesis is a mistake?

tumblerd/tumbler-specialized-thumbnailer.c:363: if (g_variant_is_of_type
(parameters, G_VARIANT_TYPE ("(usis")))

cppcheck didn't report anything strange, building was successful and the
resulting tumblerd seems to work fine.

Though I don't want to be nitpicky, please verify your editor settings;
You seem to use different intendation rules than the tumbler ones (tabs
where spaces should be used).


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