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Ali Abdallah aliovx at
Wed Oct 7 14:25:04 CEST 2015

Dear all,

This is just to share with everybody that I'll slowly restart my 
contributions to my preferred project, Xfce.

I'm currently working to make the settings dialogs that are not 
pluggable in the settings manager, pluggable. Also, I'm developing three 
news settings dialogs (User settings, locales and time/date). I'll also 
join the effort to port Xfce to gtk3 and get rid of dbus-glib in favor 
of gdbus.
Depends upon how much free time I get, I might also work on the power 
manager and Parole. (probably there is no need, as both are perfectly 

* Anybody with access rights to the server please pm me, I need to 
update my ssh public key so I regain commit access to git.


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