Thunar 1.6.6 completely broken when using smbnetfs

Tim Tassonis timtas at
Wed Mar 18 22:30:11 CET 2015


First of all: the biggest thanks to all contributors of xfce, my 
favourite de since several years and certainly years to come.

But: I just installed xfce 4.12 with thunar 1.6.6 and noticed that it is 
totally broken when you are using smbnetfs, which is a fuse filesystem 
for mounting samba shares on the fly.

If I use the shell or ristretto or mousepad (whose open file dialogue is 
really ugly, btw.) or other applications, everything works perfectly 
fine, the open file dialogues show the directories, all the files and 
read them perfectly fine. But thunar just displays nothing at all when 
in the smbnetfs mount point.

It might be worth mentioning that I compiled thunar without gvfs 
support, but it otherwise seems to to everything fine.

Is there already a fix for this bug?


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