xfce4-mixer: question about version numbering

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Mon Jun 22 13:32:18 CEST 2015

To be correct: The reason xfce4-mixer is no longer under active
development is that a port to the new gstreamer1.0 API is not possible
since important mixer features were removed (not deprecated).
Although the uneven numbers indicate development versions, Xfce 4.11 can
be considered stable because of the long time it took to finish 4.12.
Some distributions added 4.11 to their stable repos (like Ubuntu). So no
point worrying.
xfce4-mixer 4.11 works well with the 4.12 release. At this point there
is no reason for switching to pavucontrol apart from personal preference.


On 06/22/2015 01:22 PM, killermoehre wrote:
> Am 22. Juni 2015 09:44:12 MESZ, schrieb Niki Kovacs <info at microlinux.fr>:
>> Hi,
>> I'm maintaining a package repository for an enhanced Xfce desktop based
>> on Slackware Linux.
>> http://www.microlinux.fr/microlinux/
>> I have a question about version numbering. The xfce4-mixer package I
>> have in my repo is version 4.10.0. Now the latest source tarball is
>> 4.11.0. Is this a regular release? Or does the odd number eventually
>> mean a development version? I'm a bit confused.
>> Cheers,
>> Niki Kovacs
> Hello Niki,
> yes, xfce4-mixer 4.11 is a dev release [1]. OTOH with the deprecation of gstreamer0.10 xfce4-mixer was also deprecated in favor of xfce4-pulseaudio-plugin and pavucontrol.
> Regards
> killermoehre
> [1] https://mail.xfce.org/pipermail/xfce-announce/2014-April/000321.html
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