Suggesting to start a project for a dual-panel file manager for xfce

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Sat Jul 25 09:34:52 CEST 2015

I would recommend against that. Some reasons:
 - Thunar already has dual-panel abilities. Tweaking the side pane in
Thunar could be less work with better results compared to fixing all the
problems in xfe.
 - Thunar IS the standard Xfce file manager. It is perfectly integrated
(xfce widgets, exo, ...) and has the same look&feel like the DE because
both depend on Gtk.
 - Why ship two file managers with a DE? You can install whatever you
like in any possible combination (nearly). If you don't like Thunar, use
another file manager. If you like Thunar but not Xfce, use another DE, ...

Don't get me wrong. Thunar is far from perfect. But this is no reason
for introducing a second file manager. If you prefer xfe, than open a
repository (github for example) and fix some bugs. Because
> Not being able to use it while copying
would make it unusable for me. Publish your results. Maybe this way you
will find more supporters.

Kind regards

On 07/25/2015 09:14 AM, Mohammad Ghasemi wrote:
> There is  project called xfe <>
> which is snappy dual-panel file manager.I think, By fixing these
> problems xfe can be the dua-panel file manager for xfce:
> Crashing once in a while
> Not being able to use it while copying
> Showing text with rough edges
> I want to hear your opinion about starting this project. In addition
> want to know how can I start this project as part of xfce.
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