Xfce4-dev Digest, Vol 134, Issue 4

Raphael Groner projects.rg at smart.ms
Sun Jan 11 12:41:06 CET 2015

Hi Sonal,

I really like your work. Please continue with this great contribution. 

Are there any plans to merge with upstream git?


Am Sun, 11 Jan 2015 12:00:02 +0100
schrieb xfce4-dev-request at xfce.org:

> Date: Sat, 10 Jan 2015 17:25:08 -0800
> From: Sonal Santan <sonal.santan at gmail.com>
> To: Xfce development list <xfce4-dev at xfce.org>
> Subject: Re: Window previews in xfwm4
> Message-ID:
> 	<CABz2wXSuT039kW724ObUjG3n_b36y0Zuv+QrQsZ+dAmREHhEzw at mail.gmail.com>
> Content-Type: text/plain; charset="utf-8"
> Hello,
> I have upstreamed my changes for window previews to
> https://github.com/sonals/xfwm4.git for folks to try out. There is
> one bug I am still trying to track down -- occasionally, the preview
> comes out as blank for a minimized window. I capture the previews of
> windows which are about to be minimized inside unmap_win() hook of
> the compositor. Is this the correct location for capturing the
> previews of windows which are about to be minimized?
> For folks who are curious, the new function, update_win_preview()
> defined in compositor.c captures the previews. XImage to GdkPixbuf
> conversion happens in the new function,
> gdk_pixbuf_xlib_get_from_image() defined in a new file previews.c.
> Will submit patches to the list after I have taken care of the bug
> mentioned above.
> -Sonal

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