Window previews in xfwm4

Olivier Fourdan fourdan at
Thu Jan 1 22:44:19 CET 2015


Yeap that sounds reasonable. Main point is compositing has to remain
optional, both at build time and at run time.

Looking forward to reviewing your patches :)


On 1 January 2015 at 14:56, Sonal Santan <sonal.santan at> wrote:
> Hello,
> I have been exploring how to add support for Window previews in xfwm4. I am
> assuming that this can be built with the help of XRender support in xfwm4.
> My aim is to enhance the tabwin implementation to show window previews if
> compositor is enabled in xfwm4 or fall back to the current scheme of showing
> application icons. The compositor has window_pixmap for every application
> window that IMHO can be used for generating previews but it wouldn't work
> for minimized windows.
> Here is how I am thinking of  enhancing xfwm4 to add support for this often
> requested feature:
> [1] Add an XImage or GTKImage to represent Window Preview for every _CWindow
> [2] Lazy update the Image: Cache the image for windows which are being
> minimized; For unminimized windows update the Image on Window Preview
> Request
> [3] Enhance tabwin to request the compositor for the Window Preview if
> compositor is enabled
> [4] Use the obtained Image for drawing the GtkButton
> Does this sound inline with xfwm4 broader design philosophies? Given I am
> not an expert in XWindow programming, does this look technically doable?
> -Sonal
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