Establishing GTK3 port "rules" (and some q.s)

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> True. But those have always been evil anyway.

They're an absolute necessity for user-driven access control and for
securing a bunch of other applications. UI embedding is used on Windows 8
(and OS X, I suspect) to provide custom widgets in file choosers, it's used
by Android to serve ads without exposing parent apps' UIs, and it's got a
massive potential for building permission UIs within apps. I don't remember
anything of the internals of Plug/Socket and am generally not qualified to
discuss that stuff, but I do hope there's a replacement coming.

> My personal thoughts are to go forward with a complete port. If the
> future of XFCE is on GTK3, then why support GTK2 anymore.. ?
> I can understand why a compat shim would be used in a dual-scenario,
> but I'm not entirely sure any API #ifdef's are wanted here. :)

I would assume it'd be easier to just keep 4.12 in its own branch and
backport high/critical/blocker fixes until installs of xfce4 (specifically
4) plummet. I believe that's what Andrzej meant?

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