Establishing GTK3 port "rules" (and some q.s)

ikey ikey at
Fri Feb 20 16:10:25 CET 2015

So, that thread hit reddit. Time to make rules clear on how I'll
approach this port.. Or rather to clarify my position :)

This will be a *like-for-like* port. This does not mean taking a
look at GTK3 and saying "oo shiny" and using things *just because*.
So that means no patch introduced by this initiative will seek to
introduce CSDs or redesigns to apps. That's the domain of the XFCE
project only.

Now that my position is clarified.. Couple of questions here regarding
known deprecations and a baseline profile..

1) Minimum GTK and Glib versions? I personally would recommend:

	glib 2.42.0 - current stable
	gtk 3.14 - current stable
	gdk-pixbuf - 2.30 - same.

Pretty much the basic requirements of using GTK3 - note also that this
will be the GTK "in use" when it comes to finalizing the port and then
integrating .. (Admittedly 3.16 is out next month but thats a far-off
target for many distros, also I'm ignoring point releases here)

2) One whacking great deprecation I can't mentally avoid, so will now
mention.. GtkImageMenuItem. That fella is gone. What do we want to do
about this? (Alternatives include just dropping images in menu items
or forking it into libxfce4ui)

3) Ok more than a couple. :) GTK_STOCK* usage is also deprecated some
time now, so I may have to harass you all on IRC about which icon names
to use. Basically named icons are used everywhere now. :)

4) Symbolic icons -> XFCE stance on this? While they are definitely nice
and make a lot of sense, at minimum you introduce an adwaita-icon-theme
runtime dependency, which replaces gnome-icon-theme and 
gnome-icon-theme-symbolic. (Unless you recreate all of your own symbolic 

Would like to get feedback on this, because, well, the weekend will be
here shortly =)

- ikey

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