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Hello Steve,
Nice initiative, I really appreciate this, just some points for 
- You forgot to mention the most important motivation to one start 
contributing IMHO, which is to fix what bothers he/she the most. Jannis 
wrote a nice article about this very matter:

- I feel that the bugs reported on this page will become outdated very 
soon, unless someone gets paid to fight against that :)
I wonder if there's a way to mark bugs on bugzilla as "good for 
starters" or something like that and then put a link on the wiki to 
filter these bugs.

- This one is a bit off topic, anyway... currently the standard way to 
"submit code" is via patches. With the recently created Xfce mirrors on 
github, contribution becomes much more easier if we merge from there (I 
not talking about push requests). So, would it be a nice idea to 
encourage people to work with github or is there a compelling reason to 
keep brewing patches?

- This page needs some visibility, maybe a bit word of mouth via g+, 
facebook and the kind or even better, a blog entry about the matter 
pointing out this page and as mentioned in another thread those blog 
entries should be visible in the main page.

André Miranda

On 17-02-2015 13:22, Steve Dodier-Lazaro wrote:
> Hey everyone,
> In order to attract new contributors to Xfce, I'm starting a "list of 
> easy bugs": https://wiki.xfce.org/contribute/easybugs
> This list is not for *us* to fix, but for newcomers who would be 
> intimidated by more complex bugs. Of course the list is good only if 
> populated. I propose we aim to have 2-ish bugs per component on the 
> list. So, if you've got a report which you know requires little 
> knowledge / has little potential for breakage, and which you're too 
> busy or lazy to fix right now, send me the bug report and I'll add it 
> to the list (or add it yourself :-) ).
> Cheers,
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