Fwd: Ownership of xfce4-verve-plugin project in Bugzilla

Landry Breuil landry.breuil at gmail.com
Mon Feb 9 19:25:35 CET 2015

Le 9 février 2015 04:17:59 UTC+01:00, Isaac Schemm <isaacschemm at gmail.com> a écrit :
>Could I get ownership of the xfce4-verve-plugin project in bugzilla 
>(along with its already filed bugs)? I've fixed a couple of them so
>After that, I may need tips on how the project management is handled
>Xfce (or at least for the panel plugins) - versions, milestones, best 
>practices, etc. If there's a web page or pages that have information on
>this, that would be helpful.
>(In reference to: https://bugzilla.xfce.org/show_bug.cgi?id=8485#c10)

I've put you in the xfce4-verve-plugin group on bugzilla, you should now be able to:
- set yourself as default assignee for its bugs
- assign yourself the existing bugs
- change/create the milestones/versions for the product

As for the workflow, id say we close bugs when a fix is commited, not when a release containing a fix is done...

Let me know if you have more questions :)


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