Bug fixing and patch merging (was Re: Xfce 4.12 Release date)

André Miranda andreldm1989 at gmail.com
Sun Feb 8 18:55:57 CET 2015

On 08/02/2015 10:34, Chris Bainbridge wrote:
> +1. There are 300+ patches for open bug reports in the bugtracker: 
> http://goo.gl/sLW8UA
> Many of the patches have never been reviewed or responded to.. it is  
> obviously discouraging for potential contributors who take the time to 
> create and submit a patch but never get any response.
> There are also a lot of bugs that get reported but sit in NEW state, 
> many show no sign of ever being reviewed: http://goo.gl/OOwdQ3
> Could the bug report/patch review handling be improved? Would gerrit 
> or some other patch handling tool help?

I guess it would be a nice moment to put a bounty on those bugs that are 
vital to solve but are nasty and/or time consuming.
Some sites and blogs out there are talking about Xfce 4.12, so it's a 
great opportunity to attract new collaborators by making the Xfce's 
bountysource page more visible. Maybe a note on Xfce main site should 
suffice for now.

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