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Fri Aug 28 08:20:36 CEST 2015

Hi Keyur,
One possible point to start is Just take one and work on a fix.
The other point would be to take a look at Currently the port to Gtk3 is in progress. Depending on your skill level it might be better to start with a goodie rather than with a core component, since these are usually smaller and easier to port.
Please take a look at the mailing list which components are already worked on. I know of Thunar, exo, xfce4-appfinder and xfce4-notifyd. These have separate repositories and the commits are NOT in
A good start would also be to take a look at already existing source code to get accustomed to Xfce's coding styles and conventions.
Last but not least: Don't be discouraged if your patches are not reviewed or applied. Every patch is welcomed but it can take a while until a core developer finds the time to look at it.

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I am Keyur from India. I am new to to xfce. I would like to contribute to
xfce codebase.

How to get started ? Help please.
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