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Simon Steinbeiß simon at
Sat Aug 1 17:54:07 CEST 2015

Hi again!

I quickly pulled and noticed that you're using some calls that were introduced with Gtk3.16, notably gtk_label_set_xalign and gtk_label_set_yalign. Please keep in mind that Xfce 4.14 targets Gtk>=3.14, so please use code that still works with Gtk3.14. (To the worst use ifdefs so things still build and work with Gtk3.14, I guess in your case it would be either gtk_label_set_justify or gtk_widget_set_h/valign. [1])

I only took a brief look, your branch seems to build ok (with a few deprecation warnings left, but style/stylecontext related), and the configuration dialog works ok too. The notifications are displayed but their not readable. (I presume you know all this, just posting it for others since you didn't mention the status quo.)

I'll try to take a look later at your remaining deprecations. For the use of GtkStyleContext you could for instance look at the notes plugin [2], which supports both Gtk2 and Gtk3 and even the power manager's panel plugin makes some use of it [3].


[2] Look here for instance:

On Sat, 1 Aug 2015 17:28:55 +0200
flo.xfce at wrote:

> Hey
> So I fixed some deprecations and added widget names for the notification
> icon and the button box.
> I also played around with GtkStyleContext and CSS files but without
> success. Although GtkStyle still works somehow, I would prefer using
> GtkStyleContext. It might be more work but it's worth the effort. CSS
> styling will be future-proof for quite some years and adds a variety of
> new possibilities (see the "why design matters" discussion) which could
> improve Xfce's look. It would also benefit other apps if we can gain
> profiency in working with GtkStyleContext because some other ports to
> Gtk3 will require this (like setting a background image in
> xfce4-terminal with vte3).
> My working repository is here:
> If you find the time, please review the commits and give feedback. If
> you have even more time I would be greatly interested in working
> together on the styling part to finish this port.
> If you don't have the time: Do you know projects which were already
> ported to GtkStyleContext? Reading through the documentation gives me
> not enough information and I would like to study others' commits.
> Regards
> Flo
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