xfce Package Manager

Ángel González angel at xfce.16bits.net
Thu Oct 23 01:51:15 CEST 2014

Tim Tassonis wrote:
> On October 19, 2014 4:09:18 PM Anders F Björklund <afb at algonet.se> wrote:
> > Tim Tassonis wrote:
> >
> > >> I'm not sure what the world needs most is yet another package manager,
> > >> but if you want some ideas you can take a look at the Smart project ?
> > >
> > > You're probably dead right, but I'm writing one anyway, for educational 
> > purposes and because I'm about to create my own distro. Now, that's 
> > definitely what the world has been waiting for, I know...
> >
> > Right, it seems that for some reason every distribution needs another
> > package manager. Or for that matter, another software packaging effort.

And writing another packaging actually means forking a new distro.

> Well, it seems to me that a lot of distributions are either based on 
> dpkg/apt or rpm/yum. The way I see it, apt and yum are basically frontends 
> to dpkg and rpm that allow you to resolve dependencies and download 
> packages from repositories. I really would like to have another approach to 
> that: I have one program for managing the local package inventory that has 
> the ability to use a loadable package catalogue that will provide functions 
> to search for packages, to refresh the catalogue and to get the ones 
> needed. The catalogues are pluggable. That really allows me to have one 
> interface for everything instead of two, as in dpkg/apt. I hate the 
> switching of interfaces in apt/dpkg depending on what I want to do, and 
> rpm/yum is just the same.

Not all package managers are split like that. And in fact you could hide
that duality of binaries behind a simple shell script.

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