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Ricardo Biehl rbpoficial at gmail.com
Mon Oct 20 13:42:49 CEST 2014

Hello Tim, I think I can help you with some tips about this. I work with C
language and Shell Script and I was developing a Package Manager in Shell
Script, well, I don't finish, but I can help you with some things:

First, you should plan how be your package and packing. It depend how do
you want your packaging system. My is a package "tar.(gz/xz/bz2)" contain a
directory with all directories/binaries necessary to install package in
order recursive. Also there is a file contains info about the package
(Example: name, version, license etc) with a other file contain all package
dependencies and other things that I don't decided yet, because I don't
finish. A package manager that you can look and is similar with my is the
Slackware package manager develop by Patrick Volkerding in Shell Script:(

Now about the GUI, if you want develop your package manager in 'C', you
should learning about GTK+(http://www.gtk.org/documentation.php) and have a
good file manipulation.

I would like help better you but I don't speak your language, I'm Brazilian
and speak Portuguese, I'm yet learning English. When I developing more my
Package Manager in Shell Script I send for you and you look best. Big hug.

2014-10-17 18:02 GMT-03:00 Tim Tassonis <timtas at cubic.ch>:

> Hi everybody
> I'm currently writing a package manager (like rpm or deb) and would also
> like to have a GUI for it. As I'm not the most proficient gui
> programmer, I wanted to ask if somebody has already started something
> like this, so I could adapt it to my needs, or knows of an existing one
> where I could "get some ideas" from (e.g rip out the actual package
> managing library calls and replace them with mine)?
> The requirements would be:
> - GTK2/3, no Gnome stuff
> - C Application no python interpreter stuff
> The GUI would really not have to do any lowlevel stuff, this is all
> written in a library, but display contents, list packages and start
> actions (install/remove) and display the progress in a terminal window.
> Kind regards
> Tim
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