Regular releases for translation updates

Harald Judt h.judt at
Wed Nov 26 00:15:35 CET 2014


After a short discussion about release processes on #xfce-dev, I aim for
making releases of the components maintained by me roughly every six
months, even if there are no code changes. That is so your precious work
committed to git master actually finds its way to the user, because many
distributions (like mine) do not update the translations separately.
Also I believe it will keep the projects in a healthy state ;-)

In detail, this concerns
* xfce-weather-plugin
* xfce-cpufreq-plugin
* xfce-eyes-plugin

In the future, I will announce releases at least two weeks before the
release date, so you have some time playing catch-up and finish your
work. That's actually not something new. Of course, that won't be enough
as more translation work will be done after that.

So, there might be another release a month after that release, as by
experience some bugs will have been reported by then. This should give
all translators who missed the two weeks window enough time to update
their translations. Then, aforementioned 6-months cycle will set in. I
will always announce only the first release, though.

The only exception for that: The next releases for these components will
happen in about three weeks, probably on 2014-12-19. If you want your
work packed into that release, please try to upload or edit the strings
in transifex in due time.


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