RFC on UX surveys on the session preference UI

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Thanks for the hints, I wasn't aware of that though I suspected
something of the sort with GNOME D-Bus Activation. Do you happen to
know if they have proposed their new session management protocol to
XDG for standardisation and/or if KDE also have a custom protocol
instead of XSMP?


2014-11-14 20:55 GMT+00:00 Guido Berhoerster <gber at opensuse.org>:
> * Steve Dodier-Lazaro <sidnioulz at gmail.com> [2014-11-14 19:20]:
>> Hi everyone,
>> I've designed an online survey and an online task for Xfce users that
>> both focus on the user experience of XDG Autostart and session
>> resuming on Xfce. Those surveys should hopefully help me understand
> I don't know if you're aware but session management as
> implemented in Xfce has become a lot less useful as many
> GTK/GNOME applications have dropped XSMP support recently in
> favor of a GNOME-specific DBus API.
> In case of autostart there has been a similar development
> (several GNOME-specific keys and a complementary DBus API)
> although the situation is not as bad since regular applications
> and non-GNOME daemons are not affected. (It is a problem e.g.
> with GNOME-keyring which is also highly useful on Xfce.)
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> Guido Berhoerster
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