I want to introduce myself

Daniel Popławski poplawski.daniel at gmail.com
Sat Mar 1 11:42:34 CET 2014


My name is Daniel and I'm new here.
I'm a developer but never contribute in open source project before. I 
want to start contributing in Xfce because I'm use it on my desktop PC 
and at work with Linux - debian distribution.
Till now I wrote code in Java and C++ (but prefer c++), wrote scripts in 
bash and a little in python. I have few years experience but want to 
learn more from others too. I hope you accept me and my work here :).

Can someone write in short about Xfce developing (Main concept etc.) ? I 
will be grateful.

PS: I'm sorry if I will write something with an error. My english is not 
so good in write because I read much more than write. Do not hesitate to 
correct me if You like.

Popławski Daniel

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