Would XFCE consider adopting MetaInfo?. Part 2. Plugins for Apps.

Igor Gnatenko i.gnatenko.brain at gmail.com
Sun Jun 15 18:28:48 CEST 2014


some times ago Richard Hughes already asked you about including AppData
to Xfce applications[0]. I don't know what happened there. Only know
that parole now has AppData.

I think it's time to propose new feature for your projects!

Recently Richard Hughes added the addon component type to AppStream[1]
which is an XML standard that is used by distributors such as Fedora,
Suse and soon to be Arch and Debian to create metadata for various
software center applications.

By creating a metainfo.xml for each plugin, these are then shown next to
the main desktop application and allow the user to easily install extra
components. Sure, it can be translated. I think more better if they will
be translated.

Richard written a blog post[2] about what upstream needs to do to
integrate with the KDE and GNOME software centers, and we are really
appreciate any feedback and help at this stage.

Your have lots of plugins for thunar, parole, etc. Having all of them in
software centers would be good.

While I was writing this text, I looked for some of repos in
git.xfce.org and found two or something like this number of AppData. Are
you have any problems with it?

Here should be at least one commit with example of implementation
MetaInfo. Let's see[3]!

-Igor Gnatenko
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