Fw: XFCE zoom feature - Thanks!

Jannis Pohlmann jannis at xfce.org
Fri Jul 25 12:40:29 CEST 2014

Alistair, you appear to have made someone very happy!

  - Jannis

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Date: Wed, 16 Jul 2014 20:15:46 +0100
From: Ian Heaton <i.heaton at dsl.pipex.com>
To: jannis at xfce.org
Subject: XFCE zoom feature - Thanks!

I've just picked your name off the top of the XFCE devs list to send a 
thank-you note.  I hope you can pass it to the right person.  (I 
couldn't find a general email address for this kind of thing... )

I accidentally stumbled across the alt-scroll zoom feature in XFCE 
recently and it's really made my day.  My dad is partially sighted and 
has been using Xubuntu for I think about 6 years(? 8.04?) - the ability 
to make all the fonts bigger is really helpful and it's so much easier 
to learn and use than Windows  (he's 85 and wasn't really stuck in the 
Windows rut when I set him up with Xubuntu). Recently his eye-sight has 
deteriorated to the point that he can barely read the screen at all, 
even with fonts over 1cm high.  The ability to zoom the whole screen in 
and out with the scroll wheel and see the desk-top icons is fantastic 
and to be able to pan around with just the mouse - it's brilliant.  
Thankfully his cursor is already huge.  I doubt it's the original 
purpose of the feature, but for one old man with very bad eyesight,
it's making a big difference and I'm very grateful and wanted to say


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