Associate calendar with left-click on Clock

Jerry Bond stormyjerry at
Mon Jan 13 13:37:01 CET 2014

Hi List-

(I'm not quite sure how this List works, so if this post is 
inappropriate please forgive and let me know.)

We are using the analog Clock on the Panel (in white, thanks to ToZ on 
the Xfce forum) which, unlike Orage or the time-date plugin, has no 
calendar associated with it.

There is no apparent left-click action associated with Clock, and I am 
wondering if that click event could be bound to the tiny *gsimplecal* 
(  That developer says it was 
created precisely for use with a clock, and his home page makes it sound 
like he is very accessible.

I'm thinking my particular question might interest the developers more 
generally, and that both  the ability to change clock color and to 
associate a calendar might be considered for a future version.

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