tweaking Window Buttons defaults

Jari Rahkonen jari.rahkonen at
Wed Jan 1 16:41:55 CET 2014

01.01.2014 16:30, Liviu Andronic wrote:
> But it
> also allows users to easily and quickly identify their apps simply by
> using the very graphic icons (and by avoiding the often confusing long
> labels). (With this config, the labels are always available as a
> tooltip while hovering the icon.) Furthermore, it seems to me that in
> recent years both Microsoft and Apple switched to (or consolidated)
> this type of display for the running apps on user's desktops, and this
> makes sense to me, too. Personally on each new installation of Xfce
> (especially for my friends), I always switch this option to improve
> user experience. See how much neater the desktop gets with this option
> in the second screenshot.

This breaks down when you have more than one instance of the same 
application open. I'm happy to trade away a bit of visual neatness for 
the ability to find the right terminal or file manager window by glance 
instead of checking the tooltips. I'd argue this might be less confusing 
for new users as well. I think Apple, MS, Canonical and pretty much 
every consumer focused _business_ out there chose the admittedly 
visually prettier approach purely for looks, not for usability. Bling 
sells. BTW, the very much enterprise-oriented RHEL 7 still shows the 
labels in its (IMHO) ugly GNOME Classic setup.

Then again, my monitors are on the larger side so there's usually plenty 
of space in the panel. And yeah, I'm weird and still seem to work more 
efficiently on a single virtual desktop.

- Jari

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