Git changes

Nick Schermer nick at
Wed Feb 26 22:41:59 CET 2014


I've switched the git git handling to gitolite 3. This to drop some
rules we have and add more strict rules to the public repositories.

For all committer the following rules apply:

repo some/name
    RWC        = @ADMINS # admins can create any kind of branch and write
    RW           = you   # you can write but not create or delete refs
(so no rewinds, no new branches or delete them)
    RWCD USER/   = you # you can write, create and delete branches
starting without your name)
    C refs/tags/ = you # you can create tags

For the private repos the following rules apply:

repo users/CREATOR/[a-z0-9-]+
    C   = @all # every body can create them
    RW+ = @STAFF CREATOR # you can do whatever you want
    RW  = WRITERS # with the remote "perm" command you can give write
access to others

See also

It seems over kill, but I think it will work in almost all case. I can
optionally release the branch creation rules a bit for goodies, but
looking through the branches it should work fine.

Let me know if you experience any problems.

I'm also considering enabling the sskm option so users can maintain
their keys using ssh and not the release manager interface. See


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