Bugzilla / Git Repo Cleanup

André Miranda andreldm1989 at gmail.com
Mon Dec 22 17:11:06 CET 2014

Hello guys,
I noticed that some products could be moved to archive, they are:
Xarchiver (Not developed as a Xfce App anymore)
Xfmedia (Long dead, already moved to archive at git repo)
Airconfig (Long dead, +3yr without commits)

The binding are mostly unmaintained for +3yr. Some have no open bugs.

Now, taking a look at git repo, most of the projects below aren't listed at
bugzilla and some are long dead:
xfce4-profile-manager - unmaintained for +3yr
xftasklets - unmaintained for +6yr
xfvnc - unmaintained for +5yr
ghal - unmaintained for +5yr
xfce4-calculator-plugin - unmaintained for +3yr
xfce4-gvfs-mount - unmaintained for +5yr
xfce4-i8k-plugin - unmaintained for +8yr
xfce4-iicapn-plugin - unmaintained for +5yr
xfce4-kbdleds-plugin - unmaintained for +3yr
xfce4-lua-graph-plugin - unmaintained for +8yr
xfce4-megahertz-plugin - unmaintained for +8yr
thunar-actions-plugin - unmaintained for +5yr
thunar-desktop-plugin - unmaintained for +4yr

I think this cleanup is important not just because it's a cleanup, but to
keep things minimal.
Some translations(mainly new ones) require lots of effort on things largely
I also think that once projects are moved to archive, it doesn't mean users
should cease to use them or the project are forever dead, in my point of
view, it's just a tag to warn everybody that those things are ancient and
to expect sharp edges :)
It all contributes to people believe Xfce is "dead".
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