List of push and release rights for core/apps/goodies

Mark Trompell mark at
Thu Dec 4 12:45:35 CET 2014

2014-12-04 12:23 GMT+01:00 Steve Dodier-Lazaro <sidnioulz at>:
> On 3 December 2014 at 23:08, Landry Breuil <landry.breuil at> wrote:
>> The initiative is nice and all, but as every list, it *will* get outdated.
>> The git commit access is handled in gitolite config, the bugzilla default
>> qa/assigned is handled in bugzilla, the release manager rights are in moka
>> (but nick wants to phase it out) - i'd much rather have static html
>> automatically generated  from the corresponding files/databases, so that
>> noone needs to maintain a wiki page.. the page listing the maintainers on
>> was fine... until everyone forgot about it, and it got
>> badly outdated :)
>> Landry
> Totally agree! But when we don't have 24/7 access to most of the Xfce
> infrastructure,
> we need to improvise to figure out what skills are missing and where!
> Ideally, we
> would replace this page by a generated script after 4.12.

Would it make sense to have a "MAINTAINERS" file in each git repository.
That needs to be regulary updated though.
Maybe the AUTHORS file was ment to be like this, but maybe it was to
just list all 'authors' of all time.

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