[PATCH] xfce4-power-manager: Support for keyboard backlight control

Shuhao shuhao at shuhaowu.com
Tue Oct 22 22:50:54 CEST 2013

Huh. On my Thinkpad W530 I have 2 levels that I can cycle through via 
Fn+Space. Do you know what this is suppose to support?


On 10/22/2013 01:24 PM, Sonal Santan wrote:
> Hello,
> I have enhanced xfce4-power-manager to support backlit keyboard brightness
> control through keyboard brightness keys. It uses
> org.freedesktop.UPower.KbdBacklight interface for increasing or decreasing
> the keyboard backlight brightness and binds with keys
> XF86XK_KbdBrightnessUp and XF86XK_KbdBrightnessDown.
> This feature is useful when the firmware does not handle the keyboard
> brightness control automatically. For example MacBook Pro leaves it to the
> OS to control the keyboard brightness through special keys. With this
> change, I can light up the keyboard on MacBook Pro and control its
> brightness through the special keys.
> I have also tested this on Lenovo X1 Carbon where the keyboard brightness
> is automatically handled by the firmware and this enhancement steps aside
> without interfering.
> The patch is attached with this email; please review and apply.
> Thanks,
> -Sonal
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