Xfwm4 compositor zooming patch

Nick Schermer nick at xfce.org
Sat Nov 16 11:53:44 CET 2013

O and btw, if there is no better way to query the pointer, its still
acceptabel and I'll merge the patch in master ;-).


On Sat, Nov 16, 2013 at 11:49 AM, Nick Schermer <nick at xfce.org> wrote:

> Nice patch.
> Small note about the code, please avoid "//" comments.
> Another note is the timeout, I understand why you do this but the 32ms
> feels a bit random (1000/60*2 is a better way to indicate you run it half
> the fps for example). That said XQueryPointer is not the fastest function
> on this planet so cpu usage becomes "high" why a user starts to zoom why
> not moving the mouse. Maybe it is possible to use the mousemotion event for
> that, but this is probably limited because you need to grab the pointer for
> the full list of events. Duno if there are other options for this?
> The change to the clipping seems correct since paint_win only works on the
> rootBuffer. That said the function also applies its own clipping before
> rendering so it might be redundant as well.
> Nick
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