New panel plugin : unhidepanel

Mike Massonnet mmassonnet at
Sun May 5 17:57:56 CEST 2013


So I take advantage of being able to be connected to the Internet and
to have *my* laptop with me to do some stuff, among pushing a new
plugin I started a month ago.

@Nick: as you said you might be interested to push it directly to the
tree of xfce4-panel, thus I keep it "outside" as of now.

The plugin does only one thing, it lets you set the autohide property
of the panel, which means for a autohide panel user (who might wish to
keep the panel visible sometimes) that you don't have to rush into the
preferences dialog of the panels. (Btw, there is a "nice" bug to do
this now, right click an icon in the notification area to popup a
menu, close the menu outside the panel, and keep away from the panel,
sometimes bugs can be useful. Not sure if you noticed this bug,

The plugin is in a very early stage, features or how the plugin should
be displayed might be discussed.

The plugin is available on github:

It compiles fine with latest Xfce framework from git.


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